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The hyper-sexualisation of gay men within LGBT media and the rapidly changing landscape of gay dating are addressed in a series of tongue-in-cheek collage works. Contemporary gay dating is undergoing a radical shift with the proliferation of smartphone dating apps, where men are often reduced to emotionless, clickable torsos which make sex as easy as ordering a pizza.

Likewise, the gay media's emphasis and promotion of sex, physique and partying puts pressure on young gay men to conform to these specific mentalities, helping fuel the issues of bareback sex, narcissism, drug use and body image pressures that run throughout the queer community.

Do the gay scene and LGBT media help to perpetuate and encourage these myths about gay men or do they simply reflect the truth about how gay men really live their lives today? Holbrook You Gotta Say Yes.jpg Holbrook Self Absorbed.jpg Holbrook The Early Bird Catches The Worm.jpg Holbrook The Killing Moon.jpg Holbrook Closet Case.jpg Holbrook Ill Use This.jpg!-LoRes.jpg Holbrook My Favourite Waste Of Time.jpg