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Calvin Holbrook

Seed. Shoot. Bush. Rosebud. Depending on your stance, this vocabulary could come straight out of a horticulture book or vintage gay porn flick. In 'Strange New Growths' the shared language of gay male sexuality and flora is juxtaposed in a series of collages.

Men get back to nature in more ways than one: pages from vintage gay pornographic magazines are corrupted; petals, stems, leaves and foliage encroach on the images to cover the modesty of the nude models to create a new set of germinating genitalia.

Butterflies (or mariposas, Spanish slang for faggot) make their presence felt and the life-long past-time of cruising is addressed in 'Contamination'. In other works, flowers, traditionally associated with feminine values, are held aloft by the models – but is it as an invitation or an apology?