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The history of hate
'Identifying commonalities in the "fanzine re-revolution" and interest in tabloids, hate is one of the few zines to deal explicitly with fandom as a type of media spectacle. The magazine was founded, written, and art-directed by Calvin Holbrook in 2002 and was initially printed entirely for free using color printers at IPC Media. Materials from hate have been exhibited at London at White Cubicle. Like any other UK tabloid, hate is dominated by pop figures. Celebrities, fans, and the mechanisms that encourage adoration receive Holbrook's acerbic collage treatment. Posh and Becks are frequent victims; Naomi Campbell is named "cunt of the issue" (issue 6), and the editor interviews Matthew Pateman (of retired and forgotten British band Bad Boys Inc.), who discusses looking like Antonio Banderas in his youth in another issue.'
Text from Queer Zines, Edited by AA Bronson and
Philip Aarons, 2008, Printed Matter, Inc.

Six issues of the fanzine were made during 2002 and 2010. The highlights are contained in the limited edition (1,000) and individually numbered book, hate: the Worst of!, which you can view alongside some other original issues below, or - if you prefer the real thing - buy a copy.

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Issue 6

Issue 5

Issue 4

Hate at White Cubicle
Hate was invited to exhibit at the White Cubicle Gallery,
curated by Pablo León de la Barra, in 2007. Original materials from
back issues were blown-up and exhibited and to mark the occasion,
a limited edition issue of hate (just 44 copies) with exclusive content
was given away free on the night, alongside specially-made posters.


WHITE CUBICLE Toilet Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition by hate magazine.

Sunday 25 November 2007

'Selling significantly fewer copies than OK!, heat and Hello! combined, anti-celebrity humour magazine hate takes a witty, irreverent and sometimes downright vindictive look at the rich and famous and a nation obsessed with them. Written and art-directed by Calvin Holbrook and initially printed entirely for free using IPC Media’s colour printers, hate was launched in 2002 at the forefront of the fanzine re-revolution.

The White Cubicle provides the perfect setting for hate’s first exhibition: the worst toilet journalism, salacious sleaze and perverted picture stories lifted from previous issues will be blown up and adapted for the cubicle walls in a fluro cut ’n’ paste howl of rage.

'In addition, the show will incorporate original drawings by Calvin and the recently exhibited collage, Beckham's Fantasy Football. A limited edition of Darius Calorific Cumshake posters will be up for grabs and the artist will also be producing a very limited numbered mini edition of hate featuring its best bits so far, only available on this special night. Following the recent spate of reforming 90s pop bands, hate is delighted to confirm that both Bad Boys Inc and Big Fun will be performing live on the night.*

'Calvin Holbrook was born on the Isle of Wight in 1977 and lives and works in London. An occasional editor and Butt model, Calvin works as an artist and this is his third show this year following exhibitions at the Covent Garden Film Studio and Space studios. Extending the hate ethos of questioning celebrity culture, Calvin primarily works with collage, incorporating his journalistic skills of wordplay to corrupt existing texts in an attempt to create humorous pieces.'

* Not really.

Calvin Holbrook

Calvin Holbrook