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Calvin Holbrook

b. 1977   Isle of Wight, UK
          Lives and works in Barcelona


2016      UntitledFlowerGirls, Hotel Brummell, Barcelona.
2013      Strange New Growths, Brain + Beast, Barcelona.
2012      Tornography, Espacio Plano B, Madrid.
2007      Hate, White Cubicle, London.

2017      Paris Ass Book Fair, 'Hate' included in AA Bronson's 'Queer Zines' show, Galerie Arts Factory, Paris.
2015      Queer: Post-sexual - The box re-examined, Fringe! Arts Fest, London.
2015      Hexenmeister, 'Hate' fanzine and book included in AA Bronson's show, Maureen Paley, London.
2013      Vermutiart, Galeria Olympia, Barcelona.
2013      Cut 'n' Paste, Dalston Superstore, London.
2013      I Don't Know It's An Illusion I Don't Care, Preteen at Vamiali's, Athens.
2013      Beer Picnic (Stink Finger Clit), Preteen Gallery, Mexico.
2012      Bideoart Night + Tornography, Espacio Plano B, Madrid.
          With video works from Félix Fernández, Bubi Canal, Andrés Senra y Sergio Roger.
2007      CMMR, SPACE studios, London.
2007      Misguided Souls, Covent Garden Film Studios, London.

          A small rip, a cut, a shred, a tear; the deconstruction and reconstruction of paper
          is the foundation of my work to date. Working almost entirely with
          found imagery, I alter the pre-existing narratives of carefully-chosen
          materials through selective and precise collaging, resulting in bold yet delicate works,
          which often comment on sexuality - and often, more specifically - homosexuality.
          These new narratives are further defined by incorporating wordplay either into the
          works themselves or their titles, to create tongue-in-cheek, humorous pieces, which aim
          to raise a smile as well as a reflection on their purpose.
          I have exhibited in London, Barcelona, Madrid, Athens and Mexico.

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